A Former Muslim with a Heart for the Jews


“I now see the Jewish People are precious jewels beautifully created in God's eyes and worthy of hearing the salvation message of hope only found in Yeshua, their Messiah.”

Safeeya had lived in the United States for eight and a half years, when one day,
someone gave her a Bible, and she began to read it. A few months later, she came to
believe that Yeshua was who He claimed to be, the Savior of the World and the Messiah
of Israel, and so she rejected Islam and became a follower of Yeshau. And as she
continued to study the Bible, it became clear to her that the God of the Bible saw the
Jewish people far differently than she had been taught. She read about how much He
loved them and blessed them and even performed miracles for them throughout history.
From studying the book of Exodus, she learned that God delivered the children of
Israel from their Egyptian captivity and miraculously provided food and water for them
in the dessert. In the Book of Psalms she read how David cried out to his God, and his
God was there to help him. This was something that, Allah, the god of Islam had
certainly never done for her.

The moment that she realized that the Jews were God's Chosen People and His special
possession, and that the Nation of Israel was His heartbeat, her heart began to break,
and from then on, each time she read the scriptures, she wept when she saw how much
God loved them.

One day she got down on her knees and asked The Lord to forgive her for hating His
people. From that day on, God began to develop His love for the Jews in her repentant
heart. But at first, she didn’t know how He wanted her to express her profound love to
them. Then a few years ago, she was given an opportunity to travel to Israel and to
share her story with some Holocaust Survivors. This was a pivotal point in her life
because the Holy Spirit gave her the desire to reach out to these precious people who
had suffered so greatly.

She shared her own story when Yeshua came into her life, took away her hatred for the
Jewish people, and how He then replaced her life-long hatred with His Great Love. As
the Holy Spirit spoke through her, she asked them to forgive her people (Muslim people) for their hatred of the Jewish people. She explained that they were so blinded to truth because unlike her, they have not been transformed by the Love of Yeshau.

As she spoke, they were touched and deeply moved by her powerful message. That day
after Safeeya finished sharing, many in the audience were weeping, and they got up
from their seats, and using their canes and walkers, they slowly made their way to the
front. She met them there and with tears in her eyes, she embraced them all. It was a
day of celebration watching the phenomenal God of the universe restore and mend
broken hearts as only He can do.

She continues to share about Yeshua’s love and forgiveness for them and about how God changed her own heart and gave her a deep love for all Jewish People. And now when Safeeya sees Jewish People, she sees them through the eyes of compassion and mercy, not rejection and hatred. She realizes that there is a spiritual battle for the souls of God's Chosen People, but that one day The Lord will win, and His people will be set free.

Safeeya senses an urgency to share this message with every Holocaust Survivor
because they are elderly and everyday so many of them are dying without coming to a
saving faith in Yeshua. She is also passionate about wanting to share this message of
reconciliation and transformation with Jewish People everywhere.